My Film Idea

My Film Idea
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My film idea is to document women digging into their pocketbooks. The ideal is if they do not know that they are being filmed because they will not be distracted and will be natural with finding that which they are seeking.

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Filmmaking in Miami

The New and Improved Charlie's Angels

Today, I met Dwayne Stephenson, the son of a popular couple in the South Florida business community.  I thought we were going to discuss music.  However, Dwayne told me about the casting that he went on for the new ABC television show Charlie’s Angels, being shot in Miami, Florida.  That spurred our idea to create this blog – Miamiwood – where we will explore the filmmaking industry that is all the rave in South Florida.

Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas of Miami Vice

Besides Charlie’s Angels, there is Burn Notice, which is a wrap and Magic City just now in production.  Not to forget the iconic series Miami Vice with my good friend Phillip Michael Thomas, who owned Miamiway Theater for years.  Oh, and remember CSI Miami, too!
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